Smart Scheduler

Workforce Scheduling System

Product Description:

Smart Vision understands the challenges that the healthcare industry faces with traditional scheduling methods. Typically, this relies on the complex and time consuming practice of manually building employee work schedules. There is a need to introduce an automated user driven dynamic rule based engine that simplifies the scheduling and rostering of employees, which will benefit healthcare organizations in a number of ways.

Smart Scheduler is a powerful workforce scheduling solution aimed at serving hospitals with staff numbers ranging from small to large. Smart Scheduler features an automated dynamic rule engine that makes it possible to create almost any combination of complex business rules to achieve a schedule which ensures hospitals have the right human resources, with the required qualifications, at the right time.


  • Dynamic Qualification Rules.
  • Dynamic Restrication Rules.
  • Build Roster Pattern.
  • Build Assignments.
  • Off Days & Holidays.
  • Build Schedule.
  • Collaborate Schedule Request & Swap.
  • Review & Approval.
  • Schedule Views.
  • Dynamic Work – Flows.
  • Notification Service.
  • Staff Pay Rating.
  • Summary Dashboard.
  • Legacy System Interface.


  • Cost Saving Due to Optimized Staff Allocation Based on Business Demand.
  • Accurate & Error-free Scheduling with Minimum Human Intervention.
  • Increased Work Performance Due To Reduced Fatigue And Stress Due to Poor Scheduling.
  • No Over or Under Scheduling.
  • Reduction in Absenteeism and Tardiness.
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency.