Smart Dashboard

Smart Attendance Dashboard is an Add-on Module on ST-Supreme

Product Description

We at Smart Vision research and analyze in order to assist you in making decisions. We monitor attendance, productivity, happiness, sickness of your employees through our Smart Dashboard application which provides you analysis of attendance records in Infographics and tabular formats.

Smart Dashboard eliminates manual and difficult calculations of attendance and employee leaves by providing analysis of attendance, leaves and sicknesses and calculates complete productivity of an organization during certain time.

Smart Dashboard is an Add-on module on ST-Supreme.


  • Summarized Attendance Analysis with Infographics.
  • Employee Productivity Analysis.
  • Late Arrival & Early Exist Dashboards with Drilldown.
  • Location based Attendance Analysis.
  • Calendar View Dashboards.
  • Dashboards of Employee Permissions and Leaves.
  • Statistics of Overall Employee Attendance with Infographics.
  • Employee Violation Dashboards.
  • Evacuation Dashboards.
  • Organizational Hierarchy Dashboards.
  • Attendance Dashboards with Custom Filters.
  • Dashboards & Reports to Managers via Scheduling Email.


  • Monitor Employee Attendance (Presence, Absence, On Leave).
  • Analyze Attendance and productivity of Employees.
  • Monitor HR Violations on Schedules.
  • Increase Productivity and efficiency of Employees.
  • Secure Data via user Privileges.