GT 10 - Workforce Management Clocks

Product Description

GT-10 is more than just a next generation time and attendance terminal – its designed to open up a world of possibilities for wider integration with Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) and a myriad of potential new applications beyond workforce management.


With a full colour, hig resolution, multi-touch, 10″ screen and based on the Android 5 OS, GT-10 can run native Android or HTML6 apps, opening up a wide range of possibilities for clients who have already invested in web or Android based HRMS. It provides access to functions such as self-service application; motivational and informative audiovisual content; training modules; booking services; and employee engagement functionality for every member of staff in the organisation. Better still, its flexible, open platform creates opportunities for deployment of GT-10 as an adaptable, simple to use KIOSK in any market sector. Secure user identification and access to web-based functionality can enhance user experience, provide access to services, drive efficiency or generate additional revenue streams.

Robust, Secure, Dedicated

Designed specifically for continuous use in high traffic, professional environments, GT-10 is obust, secure and features a powerful industrial grade Quad Core processor, together with a range of power options including Power over Thernet (PoE) connectivity for fast, cost effective installation. Its “Kiosk” mode option means user operation can be restricted simply to permitted applications if preferred.

Accompanied by a range of integrated modular user identification and verification peripherals, including proximity and smart card readers, barcode and magnetic stripe card readers, biometric finger-print scanning, 5 mega-pixel video camera, microphone and speakers – GT-10 can be tailored to meet the needs of any customer requirements.


  • High resolution, color 10″ multi-touch display
  • Supports native Android and HTML6 apps
  • Robust hardware specification and design, intended for continual use in high traffic areas.
  • Wide range of card and biometric reader options
  • 5 megapixel video camera, high quality speakers and microphone
  • Flexible connectivity options, including Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Secure, lockable case
  • Simple to install and configure, including power via PoE