Employee Digital Experience

Estibyan- The Happiness Meter & Customer Feedback Solution

  • Collecting real time feedback to get an Insight of customer behavior.
  • Measuring customers satisfaction on the provided services In order to identify the innovative techniques to improve the quality of offered services.
  • Measuring employee satisfaction in order to achieve high level of productivity.
  • Ability to publish surveys across different channels to increase the likelihood of people responding.
  • Provide internal escalation workflow for the responses and alert people in the business who are then empowered to act upon it.
  • Assist with the recovery of dissatisfied customers to support the business’s customer retention strategies.
  • Delivering tangible data that can be used to make better & wise business decisions to help aligning strategy with tactics.
  • Estibyan Supports Android & iOS Operating systems.

Collaboration with other systems:

  • Estibyan “Happy Staff” (Integration with Time and Attendance System).
  • Estibyan integration with Beyond Queuing system for receiving feedback on the provided services.
  • Estibyan application for the price checker devices for the Retail industry.
  • Estibyan (Directory Browsing) for healthcare industry.
  • Estibyan integration with Helpdesk Solutions.

Smart HR

SmartHR is a total solution for HR department Self-Service kiosk based automation. It includes completely customizable kiosk machines and software modules.It allows secure authentication using employee access card, active directory and custom user management.It can be used to scan documents (Flatbed / Travel scanner).It reduces HR operational cost and increase ROI. It also increases employee satisfaction.Complete remote administration and monitoring web based application is another highlight.

Software Modules

It has the following modules and features :

  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Certificate printing and issuing module.
  • Dynamic centralized certificate configuration module.
  • Option for defining certificates,design certificate using HTML,define certificate dynamic data etc.
  • Secure browser for third party web contents.
  • Web based hardware status monitoring ,configuration and administration module.
  • Statistical reports on system usage and availability.
  • Software components for custom application development.
  • Software watchdog for monitoring.
  • User management with users and privileges.
  • Advertisement content display module for secondary display.