Digital Signage

Reach Your Customer on a Whole New Level

Product Description:

Smart Vision digital signage solutions provide a wide choice of display formats and content management players. With a vast array of different screen sizes, resolutions and technologies, we are able to offer solutions to cover a broad range of markets and applications. Digital displays and signage provides a form of corporate advertising which uses multimedia to display relevant content about an individual business.

The digital signage solutions are based upon the latest technology providing innovative and leading edge products. Some examples of this include Gorilla glass coating for touch screen displays, industry’s brightest LCD video wall and large format (84″) professional 4K display.

Our displays are available from 40″ through to 98″covering the whole range with different resolutions and technologies. The design of the mounting system has been optimized to provide easy installation and maintenance, in one of the lowest profile designs in the market. Our video walls support 32 simultaneous touch points, and can be configured with up to 500″diagonal screen size.


  • Led Video Wall Displays.
  • Instant and Flexible Display Messaging Options.
  • Proactive Customer Messaging to Enhance Customer Engagement.
  • Attractive Indoor and Outdoor Displays in a Variety of Sizes.
  • Transparent Displays Suitable for Shop Window Displays.
  • Way Finder Displays for Retail Malls.
  • Carbon Fiber Support Frame for Suspended Installations Requiring Low Weight.
  • Remote Power and Networking Increases Reliability and Efficiency.
  • Media Players for Complete Video Management Solution.
  • Option to be Able to Combine Local and Shared Content.
  • Supports Various Files, Images and Video Formats in Full HD Output.
  • Integrated Content Management Systems to Allow Free Standing Displays.
  • Content Scheduling and Broadcasting Capability.
  • Central Management and Remote Monitoring Through Network.
  • Corning Gorilla® Glass Overlay For Hard Wearing Touch Screen Displays.


  • Wide choice of display sizes and resolutions
  • Carbon light provides lightweight solutions for large suspended displays
  • Content Management Systems supports choice of media file types Large format video walls with 32 simultaneous touch points
  • Displays suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations
  • Easy installation and maintenance