Visitor Management System

Product Description

A Unified, Web System to manage and control the flow of visitors accessing difference premises that allows to issue visitor access passes at main gates. That manage Online & Onsite visitor registration and approval. Manage various types and visitors such as contractors, normal visitors and VIPs and register the LOG IN & OUT time of each visitor. Know at any point of time who is IN, who is OUT and who is LATE. Also easy to trace blacklisted individuals.

Visitor Management System Features

  • Bilingual system supporting both Arabic and English. HTML 5 responsive design, can be browsed from tablets & mobiles.
  • Can be integrated with other systems such as Human resources systems, archiving system, SMS gateway and active directory.
  • The System is designed to deal with users as per to the Organization Structure, with ability to give the Super user the Feasibility to Deal with different Data from different Departments.
  • Facility to Black List Visitors using different Criteria.
  • Registration of different type of Visitors, VIP Visitors, Permanent, and Temporary workers at Reception / Pre-Registration by Employee or online.

  • Captures basic information of a Visitors like Name, Company Nam, Address, etc and Integrated with EIDA card, Passport reader to read data.
  • Enter Information regarding Laptops, Phone, or any other items carried to the premises.
  • Visitor pictures captured / retrieved at the entry are stored on the server for future reference Delegation option to the users.
  • Appointment System and integration with the outlook.
  • Integrate with gate access controls.
  • Issue Visitor’s card with photo and host details.
  • Ability to scan the card at every Department.
  • Allow to approve / Reject visit from the email.
  • Mobile Application is available for both Android and iOS Systems.