Video Analytics

Product Description:

Smart Vision offers advanced video analytics technology to allow transportation, retail and hospitality sectors for perform detailed analysis of the movement of people. Using a combination of 3D stereoscopic sensors, facial biometrics and Wi-Fi tracking, the system allows data to be analysed both in real time, as well as monitoring trends over a period of time.

The software provides a customisable dashboard showing KPI data in real time to allow senior managers within an organisation to optimize staff planning, vehicle utilization and store optimization.


  • People Counting Using 3D Stereoscopic Camera Technology.
  • Demographics (Age and Gender) Using Facial Recognition.
  • Dwell Time and Movement Tracking Using Mobile Wi-fi Signals.
  • Advanced Analytics for Retail and Transportation Sectors.
  • Customisable Dynamic Dashboards for Real Time Analysis. Kpi Data Using Links to Pos, Cctv,Ticketing, Erp.
  • Ability to Exclude Groups of People (I.E. Staff).
  • Data Can be Used for Staff Planning and Store Optimization.