Open the door with your Smile

Smiley Tower Features:

  • Free-standing Smile Detector machine.
  • Industry leading high performance camera HD 1080p, CarlZeiss optics with 20-stepautofocus with clear and tamper resistant glass.
  • Industrial PC for High performance.
  • Reliable smile detector Machine with < 2 Seconds Response.
  • Ability to provide reports.
  • Can read full face details even with spectacles on.
  • Ability to define Gender.
  • Detects facial expressions of customers who want to enter, once customer smiles.
  • USB Export option available.

  • Smile threshold can be defined in application. Each smile meeting threshold will trigger gate to open.
  • Automatic low-light correction is available on the camera.
  • Glasses or hair won’t affect the result.
  • Face to camera is enough to capture smile, position and appearance of user will not affect system at all.
  • System is capable of detecting multiple faces & facial expression recognition at a time.
    Images will be automatically transferred to server through a file transfer engine.
  • Ideal for retailers, banks, brands, manufacturers and more.