Smart Time

Attendance / Workforce Management Solution

Product Description

Fully Parameterized & web based application in flexible interface and easy process. That manage Employees Time Attendance and workforce management, System has multi license features that supports Single or Multiple companies options. Help Organizations to manage their TA policies based on Hierarchy / Employee / Group or work location level.

Also managing and calculations of employees overtime including overtime approval process. System also include Employee Self Service module which allow employees, managers, business unit coordinators and HR to process related employee’s requests and data.

Key Features

  • Fully Parameterized & Web Based application in flexible interface and easy process.
  • Anonymous & Active Directory Authenticated Log In.
  • Dynamic Organization hierarchy and ability to generate hierarchy chart.
  • Management of TA Policies based on Hierarchy / Employee / Group or Work Location Level.
  • Employee Self Service Features: Which provide the ability to users to request leaves and Permission to the Login user (Employee) or Login User can Correct Violation.
  • Workflow setting Flexibility up to 3 Levels for Permission Types, Leave Types.
  • Nursing and Study Permission Workflow and other types of Hourly Leave Permissions (Fixed and Flexible Time).
  • Violation Action Creation and Detailed  Violation Report Capability.
  • Editable Email Notification type in HTML Editor as per Language Preference; English and Arabic.
  • Notification option and Template saving Capability.

  • Multiple way to group employees and generate reports include business units, groups, work location.. etc
  • Parameterized leave types definitions and leave balancing option with full history and balance archiving management.
  • Parameterized permission type definitions with multi setting that fit all organization rules and requirements.
  • Managing and Calculations of Employees overtime including overtime Approval process including Overtime classification and different payment options.
  • Normal, Flexible, Advanced Schedules capabilities to manage different kind of Shift scheduling.
  • Ramadan period definition screen and auto shifting of schedule post Ramadan.
  • Shift Assignments by HR and Manager for Employees.
  • Manager and Deputy manager Assignments Options.
  • Handle Attendance and Notification Exception options.
  • More than 60 sophisticated report that fit all customer demands, dynamic report base on requirements and dashboard module.