Smart Office

Correspondence Management System

Product Description:

Smart Office is a Correspondence management system that automates and facilitates incoming and outgoing paperwork movement electronically. It provides the central repository that stores paperwork data, attached scanned images and provides a flexible method of moving the electronic correspondences among the organization’s departments.

Smart Office Features

  • Bilingual System; Support Both Arabic And English, Html 5 Responsive Design, Can Be Browsed From Tablets & Mobiles.
  • System’s Admin Have the Ability to Create Templates Using the Text Editor to Facilitate the Creation of Frequently Used Correspondences.
  • Supports Mandatory and Optional Fields, Categorization and Filing.
  • Tasks Management and Meetings Management Related to Correspondence.
  • Works as Per the Workflow and the Organization Structure and Directly Store Documents and Attachments.
  • The System Will Provide the Ability of Initiating an Outgoing Correspondence to Multi-targets so it can be Handled Among the users as One Correspondence. Once it is Approved, the System Will Automatically Initiate Multi-correspondences Each With a Different Number.

  • Manage External, Internal Correspondences and Memos.
  • System Will Have The Ability to Add (Comments / Summaries) on the Correspondences for Easy Tracking.
  • The System Will Give The Ability to the Users to do the Delegation by Themselves. Also, the System Administrator Have Full Privileges to Apply the Delegations.
  • System Will Have the Ability to Re-activate any Completed Correspondence at any Time and Put at an theTrack Once Again.
  • System Gives the Rights to the Director to Withdraw the Late or Transferred Correspondence and Send it to Another User.