Smart Housing System

Virtual General Services. Gateway To Paperless Process.

Product Description:

Smart Vision Housing System offering a unique package for housing, it’s a gateway for paperless process of workflows for various HR-PR Services. By providing an intuitive user experience in Housing system, our target is the user’s happiness and satisfaction. With a full automation to all housing processes.

Housing package considered as a single gateway that combined property management module and housing services and their operations. With attractive responsive design for end users and business users as well, full smooth integrity across all sub systems (HRMS, Finance system, and Document Management System) moreover managing all invoicing and financial operations related to housing contracts.

Housing system considered one of the top products that Smart Vision for Information Systems company innovates


  • New Lease Process.
  • Renew Lease Process.
  • Define and Deal with Residential Complex.
  • Change Lease Process.
  • Terminate Lease Process.