Smart e-Fit

Visa Screening System

Product Description:

Smart e-Fit® that fully integrated information system that can be implemented for small and medium Health Facilities. Smart e-Fit® is used currently by Ambulatory Healthcare Services within various Disease Prevention & Screening Centers throughout the UAE for Visa Screening for issuing Fitness Certificate.

e-Fit System covers applicant’s journey from Registration till getting the fitness Certificate, also covering the follow -Up cases and treatment related to Visa Screening as per UAE Laws and Department of Health Standards (DOH).


  • The e-Fitness will be a 24×7 frontline System enabling the applicants to preform Data entry, submit, Book appointment and make payments of their applications, these services will available through desktops (accessing the web) as well as Mobile devices support and Kiosks without requiring the applicant to physically visit the site for data entry.
  • Bilingual and user friendly system, showing the mandatory fields to the users, tabbing support, automatic language switching of the fields according to field language and will be rich of graphic designs.
  • HTML 5 responsive design, can be browsed from tablets & mobiles.
  • High standard to secure the confidentiality of medical files and maintain patient privacy, only the authorized users can see the results and view patient’s dossier.
  • Appointment System for applicant’s and through the call center.
    Integration with third party applications, RIS and medical machines such as Abbott and Roche.
  • Integration with external entities.
  • Dashboards and Business Intelligence Module.