Smart Badge

Smart Card Design And Printing System

Product Description:

Based on cutting edge technology Smart Badge enables organizations to design & print cards easily. Smart Badge is designed to manage & Control the Cards issuance & printing. Import data from external data source or create your own new data source on Smart Badge.

Smart Badge is a complete solution from Card designing to printing, importing data & exports card designs. It is powerful application for bulk printing with capability of auto identity generator & load balance.

Smart Badge Features:

  • Data Management Through Different Resources.
  • Complete Integrated Card Layout Designer.
  • Bulk Printing with Auto Identity Generation.
  • Print Scheduling for Later Prints.
  • Automatic Task Distribution Among Multiple Printers.
  • Multiple Card Product Management.
  • Optional Approval Required for New/renew of Cards.
  • Manage Multiple Users With Different Access Rights.
  • Email or Download Soft Copy of Cards.
  • On Screen Diagnostic Notifications.
  • Reporting Module.
  • Cover Letter Designing and Printing.
  • Contact and Contactless Card Encoding.