School Management System

Product Description:

Web-based School and colleges application with multiple user access managing classes, courses and student and instructor schedules. Majors Definitions, define major and related mandatory or elective subjects along with semester classes.

Subjects Definitions, define subject and select instructor(s) along with educational material uploading with extensions (pdf, jpeg, gif, png, xlsx, doc). Staff Classifications Student Schedule, by filtering student by name or admis- sion no., subjects and subject schedule can be added for the student according to semester.

Student Marks and Exams, exams courses can be defined, exam material can be uploaded along with exam instructor and student marks. Parent, teachers and Students access privileges. Student information, student can check hisher attendance, events, exams through the application in a calendar view. Parents information, parents can access the application to check their children events, exams…etc. in calendar view. Teacher/ Parent communication tool, both teacher and parent can communicate through the application using application mail box.


  • Lessons Timing and Period.
  • Staff Classifications.
  • Student Schedule.
  • Student Marks and Exams.
  • Parents Information.
  • Parent,Teachers and Students Access Privileges.
  • Teacher/ Parent Communication Tool.