IT Infrastructure Solutions

We provide composite hardware, software, network resources and services required for the existence, operation and management of enterprise IT environment including cabling management and IT & AV solutions. We are well staffed with highly trained engineers who design and implement IT infrastructure as per custom requirements.

We provide expert solutions and services that help you to streamline your IT infrastructure, supporting your business strategy.

We at Smart Vision For Information Systems provide you with transparent and effective communication ,seamless data transfer and much more. If you are looking for superior grade structured cabling for your business requirements, we are the right choice.

We are one of the fastest growing structured cabling and infrastructure companies in UAE. Our services are geared towards providing a complete solution for all business requirements. We cover the following areas –

  1. Planning, design and installation of structured cabling (Networking Solution including Active & Passive Networking components)
  2. Moving structured cabling to new locations and redesigning network infrastructure by adapting to office premises layout accordingly
  3. Making changes in the plan level of cabling to improve and increase functionality of structured cabling
  4. Administration of structured cabling and network infrastructure
  5. Maintenance and repair of structured cabling

With these cutting edge services, our company has taken structured cabling systems to a whole new level altogether. We take care of all communication requirements, including requirements for voice calls, video calls, conferencing and reliable and secure data transfer.

We have technical expertise for neat and sturdy structured cabling system (including voice and data cabling) , cabling for surveillance(CAT6/FIBER) and access control system ,Cable Tracing, Cable relabeling, Patching, Termination and testing.

We will always ensure that the IT Head has less headaches with regards to network outages and communication issues.

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We offer complete wireless and mobility solutions. We offer various services like :

  • High speed internet access (HSIA)
  • Indoor and outdoor WiFi systems.
  • Wireless coverage solution for both indoor and outdoor areas supporting 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless standards.
  • Wireless connectivity for outdoor cctv surveillance system
  • Complete wireless security solution with firewall, IPS and access control capabilities.
  • Policy enforcement solution for mobile users based on identity, location and role to access the network
  • Solution to deliver voice and video in addition to data over wireless infrastructure.
  • Centralized management of complete wireless and mobility solution.

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We offer communication solutions for all your business needs. We work together with customer perspective and our solutions are made to make TELEPHONE SYSTEM / IP PBX deployments easy.

We offer IP PBX and IP communications platforms in different brands and we ensure those meet your requirements . We are staffed with experts who offers support services thereby making sure that our telephony solutions exceed your expectations.

We are partnered with top telephony product manufacturers such as AVAYA ,CISCO to provide you with complete Telephone system / IP PBX , for your business and call center requirements.

We will be able to advice , provide and install the perfect setup to your business telephony needs all across UAE as per the TRA Standards.

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