Head Count System

Real-Time Location Information For Assets And People

Product Description:

Smart Vision’s Head Count Solution provides interoperable real-time location systems (l-RTLS™) driving the next generation of security and compliance applications in healthcare, industrial, and commercial environments. With indoor and outdoor installations, we deliver the most robust multi-purpose real-time location platform with superior flexibility, interoperability, and performance helping organizations achieve the protection, compliance, and efficiencies they require when it comes to their people and assets.

Our active RFID tags are battery-operated remote sensors that report data back to a remote server that can run either on premise or in the cloud – exactly what loT is all about. That means as an RTLS solution provider for over a decade, we embraced loT long ago.The difference is, we’ve added another element of usefulness… real-time location information for both assets and people


  • Active Long Range Rfid Technology.
  • Suitable For Indoor and Outdoor Operation.
  • Solar Powered System Available for Remote Locations.
  • Tags to Allow Bi-directional Duress Notifications.
  • Tags Include Combination Od 125khz And 4.33mhz For Secure Tracking.
  • Suitable for Rtls Applications.
  • Baby Tagging Option Available for Security Within Hospitals.
  • Provides Real-time Location Tracking Through Software Dashboard.
  • Mustering Capability to Ensure Evacuations During an Emergency.