Hand Punch 4000

Biometric Time And Attendance Terminal

Product Description:

Smart Vision believes in persuading organizations to adopt time & attendance systems that is well cultivated technology, more secured, smart and depends on human characteristics which ensure no fake authentication is made. Our new Hand Punch Series of terminals use human hand geometry for identification, which works for all ages, for all genders, for all nature of jobs.

Latest and technologically most advanced in series is Hand Punch 4000 which is an enterprise biometric time and attendance device with full function required in any attendance solution. With HP4000 organization can convey messages to employees; employees can review their past attendance, validation of schedules, users’ authentication and much more. Along with excellent operating performance it also includes built-in bar code reader and door control relay.

HandPunch 4000 Features:

  • Intelligent & cost-effective
  • Versatile & Fully programmable
  • 10x Programmable Function Keys
  • Decision Menus & Multi-level Key definition
  • 10 Digital Keypad (0-9)
  • Edit at the Clock Functionality
  • Employee Messages
  • Employee Schedules
  • Function Key Restriction
  • Punch Review
  • Bell Schedules
  • Door Switch Monitoring Bel