The CredenceTAB

A Revolution In Mobile Biometric Applications

CredenceTAB is a full-featured 10 inch mobile biometric and credential reading tablet, that enabled rapid registration, verification and authentication of user identities from any location.

Product Description:

CredenceTAB is an elegant combination of biometrics, credentials and enterprise-grade mobile technology. It places the power of mobile identity into the hands of companies and agencies that it the most.

This award winning mobile device brings together a FAP-30 fingerprint sensor, two cameras, contact & contactless smart card reader, ePassport reader and Android 6, all operating seamlessly on a state of the art mobile chipset, creating endless application possibilities. Designed to support multiple use cases, CredenceTAB can empower a diverse group of agencies to build and deploy targeted applications for their desired objectives, work-flows and environments.

Credence TAB Features

  • High-Speed and Secure Memory
  • Multiple Connectivity
  • Touch Screen Display
  • Integrated enrollment Grade FAP 30 FBI and FIPS 201 PV Certified LES Technology Fingerprint Sensor.

  • Contact and Contactless Smart Card Reader
  • Integrated Rear Camera
  • Easy to expand
  • Fast Charge and Full Day Battery Life
  • Physical Security