BMC Footprint

Deliver automated end-to-end services with a powerful tool that is easy to install, use, and support

Product Description:

BMC Footprints is easy to install, use, and integrate with other systems. Empower business users to solve common issues through self-service or provide an easy way to initiate service delivery. Administrators can quickly create personalized working experiences that increase productivity by configuring end-to-end business services for IT and beyond.

By increasing visibility and automating workflows, BMC Footprints gives IT organizations the control necessary to continuously improve service delivery and manage IT assets while driving efficiencies, controlling costs, maintaining compliance, and reducing IT vulnerability and financial risk.


  • 6x faster implementations, compared to industry standard
  • Lower overall cost – Less hardware and administration lower cost of ownership
  • Increased productivity – Automation and ease of use simplify routine tasks
    Empowered workforce – Set up IT, HR, Facilities, Customer Support, and more in minutes
  • Painless upgrades-In-place upgrades never modify configura- tions and take only minutes to run


  • Automated Workflow
  • Effortless Administration.
  • Track Compliance.
  • Usability.
  • Powerful Integrations.
  • Optional Client Management.