Biometric Access Control System

Product Description:

BACS™ is unique Biometric recognition technology presents the fastest, most advanced and convenient experience for every users. Facial Images are captured in most accurate 3D patterns from widest angles of access paths.


  • Unique and Attractive Design.
  • Intuitive and comfortable UX.
  • Simultaneous touchless Fingerprint and Palm Vein Recognition.
  • 2D/3D matching face recognition.
  • Various and easy options for enrollment.
  • Multi credential verifying options.


  • Automated Face Tracking Module.
  • Heights Range From 120cm To 220cm.
  • Captures only the Pass-thru User’s Face.
  • Real-time Facial Identification Under 0.001 Second.
  • Low Light Level Counter-light Support.
  • Touchless User Experience.
  • Captures 4 Different Fingerprints at the Same Time.
  • User Friendly on-the-fly Interface.
  • Organic 3d Recognition And Fastest 30 Shots/sec Matching Algorithm.
  • Auto Iris Tracking Minimizes User’s Effort.
  • Large Caliber Zoom Autofocus Control.
  • Best Image Selection Algorithm.
  • Pwm Radiation Intensity Control.
  • Advanced Matching Algorithms Ensure High Level of Accuracy.
  • Contactless User Interface Eliminates Hygiene Concerns.