ATS Maximus Solution

Time and Attendance Terminal

Product Description

Dirty, dry and wet fingers… in the real world nearly any fingerprint condition can be quickly read by the Maximus. Its unique multispectral image sensor outperforms conventional technology. A State-of-art internet appliance that removes limitations through the use of open standards.

Smart Vision offers a complete terminal solution that can include Java programmability, Web Services, Open Standards, easy upgradeability, keypad and function customization, varied auto-ID  readers, and more. Thebiometric technology lets users easily and more accurately enroll on the terminal. It’s controlled finger placement which reduces finger read error rate for a more accurate biometric enrollment.


  • Multispectral Imaging Sensor.
  • Fast Finger Enrollment.
  • Eight Programmable Function Keys.
  • 320 x 240 pixel color LCS screen.
  • On-board Diagnostics.
  • LED Illuminated Keyboard key
  • Field – Upgradeable
  • Optional Power – Over – Ethernet Module
  • Optional GSM / GPRS Modem
  • Optional Access COntrol Relay
  • Optional Wifi802.11 B/g WPA2


  • Fully Interactive
  • Customizable
  • Durable, Shatter – Resistant IP65 Sensor
  • No Loss of Performance over Broad temperature Range
  • Higher Storage Capacity
  • Employee Scheduling