Artificial Intelligence Based Solutions

Welcome to Smart Vision For Information Systems

We embed AI capabilities into our software to provide you with more intelligent, automated solutions. For machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), forecasting and optimization, our AI technologies support a diverse environment and scale to transform business needs.

Drive Thru – Smart Self-Service Kiosk

Drive Thru is an innovative solution helping service providers to deliver services more faster at easy reach to customers.

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Smart Banking

Smart Bank is a complete self-service banking outlet providing a wide range of banking services such as account opening,

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Smart Store

Being a very successful and proven product with astonishing ROI (Return on Investment) values, Our Smart Telco Self-Service

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Smart HR Assist

SmartHRAssist is our full-fledged self-service machine to automate HR services. It helps organizations to deliver HR services

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Smart Kiosk Suites

Smart Kiosk Suites includes complete software module to build and manage efficient self-service solution.

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Unattended Payment Solution

The Spectrum Pro is PCI-PTS 4x and SRED certified hybrid Magstrip and Smart Card insert reader designed for outdoor...

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Smart Purse

Comprehensive solution for Smart Electronic Purse/Wallet Implementation suitable for Government services, Telecom, ...

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Smart Revenue

Client can pay through multiple payment method i.e. Cash, Credit, etc. Full control and management of all payment...

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